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This article was originally published on 2Fast4Buds and appears here with permission.   Does anyone know of any other seeds that look similar to cannabis seeds? Help please Choosing the right marijuana seeds can make or break your crop. Learn how to recognize quality seeds and from where to buy them!

What Are Autoflowering, Feminized And Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Choosing the right seed requires more than just selecting Sativa or Indica, or even picking the right strain. Photoperiod, feminized, autoflower, regular- the varieties seem endless. In this article, Fast Buds will break down the differences to help you choose the best seed for your garden. Before we dive into exactly the differences between autoflowering, feminized, and regular cannabis seeds let’s quickly run over what good cannabis seeds look like and how you can identify the best seeds of the bunch.


Here at fast buds we always ensure that every single one of the seeds is perfectly mature and ready for germination. But, not every seed-supplying company is as careful with their products. You can tell a lot about the maturity and health of a cannabis seed by simply looking at it. Ganja seeds can vary a bunch in appearance ranging in terms of color, shape, and size. When it comes to color, seeds can range from the light greenish through to dark brown color with a tiger-striped appearance. The lighter the color of the seed, the earlier it has been harvested. These lighter-colored seeds will often have a much softer outer shell and can be easily squished between your fingers. To ensure the best chance of germination you should be looking for dark brown seeds. While ready to plant cannabis seeds do not always present a tiger stripe or turtle shell pattern and can just be a uniform dark brown, mature seeds usually show some sort of patterning.

Seeds that have been packed away for months on end will usually show a darker brown appearance and this can also be affected by oxidation and lighting conditions. The size of a seed does not give you very much information about the healthy seed. Weed seeds can range from very small to rather large depending on which strain has produced them. The shape of the seed gives us much more information. You should be looking for a teardrop-shaped body that is around and at one end and pointy at the other. Healthy seeds also usually come with a waxy outer coating, whereas immature or unhealthy seeds will look dull under the light. And then there’s the float test. If you place seeds in a cup of water and leave them for two hours, all the healthy seeds will sink to the bottom.


These are Fast Buds specialty, and the easiest kind of seed to grow. To start, all of Fast Buds’ autoflower seeds are feminized (sometimes referred to as autofem), meaning they’ll grow into high-THC bud-producing plants. What separates auto seeds from plain feminized seeds is how fast they can grow and flower. All cannabis plants grow in two main phases, vegetation, and flowering. Vegetation is where the plant builds up its frame to support large flowers. Flowering is where plant puberty kicks into gear, and those sticky buds start popping. If growing regular or feminized seeds the transition from vegging to flowering is controlled by light.

The plant remains vegging so long as it receives around or more than 18 hours of light. Once that number drops, the plant switches mode and kicks bud-production into high gear. If these seeds are grown outdoors, the Earth’s axis controls the light and plants will begin to flower as the days become shorter during the late summer and fall. If grown indoors, the grower can control this light schedule to enter flowering only when they choose to do so.

Autoflowers will grow and flower under any light cycle.

Autoflower seeds are different. They enter flowering according to their pre-programmed genetic clock, usually three to four weeks after germination. This gives them the shortest lifecycle of any variety of cannabis seed. Strains like Fast Buds’ Blackberry can grow to full maturity in nine weeks. Growers who want to harvest quickly, or perform multiple harvests each year, prefer autoflowers.

For example, Fast Buds’ growers in certain equatorial countries live in climates so wet and rainy that the growing season only lasts three months. Feminized and regular cannabis plants die before they can reach maturity. Autoflowers, on the other hand, can easily grow from seed to harvest in three months. The growers contacted Fast Buds to tell us about their situation, and we set them up with a variety of seeds from our catalog, including LSD-25, Girl Scout Cookies, and CBD Crack which can all be harvested before the rainy season.

Another advantage is that growers can stagger autoflowering grows to harvest every three to six weeks. Regular and feminized seeds require that vegging and flowering plants be kept in separate areas, as they have very different lighting requirements. Many growers don’t have the space to keep their plants in two different tents. Autoflowers can be kept in one tent regardless of where they are in their lifecycle. Say someone had room for four plants in their indoor-area. By planting one seed a month, they could ensure they harvest every four weeks without fail- AKA the eternal harvest. For a more in-depth explanation, don’t miss our All About Autoflowers series. Part one describes what makes autoflowering cannabis special. Part 2 goes over the advantages and disadvantages of growing autolfowers. Finally, part three discusses the history and breeding of these new and novel seeds.

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Regular seeds are, as you might imagine, normal seeds you’d place in the ground, just like any other plant. Regular seeds are the most stable variety available, allowing growers to craft the perfect environment for their plant. Their predictability makes them the seed variety of choice for those who absolutely must grow the same crop every time. This stability comes with a price. Regular seeds are produced by pollinating female cannabis plants and collecting the seeds. However, half of those seeds will grow into male plants, which produce none of the THC-rich flowers we’re looking for.

Regular seeds will often produce a 50/50 female and male offspring.

After germinating regular marijuana seeds, cultivators must wait for these unproductive plants to express male traits and then destroy them. Males left in the same space as females will pollinate them, ending flower production early. Since regular seeds require growers to sacrifice half of their crop, they have to plant twice the number they need. This extra labor is just not worth the extra genetic stability for many, particularly those with limited space planting for personal use.


In order to avoid sacrificing half of the seeds they germinate, many growers opt for feminized seeds, which almost always grow into healthy, female adults. How are these seeds created? When left in a stressed and in a single-sex environment, cannabis plants will start expressing traits of the opposite gender. So a female cannabis plant can produce pollen to fertilize itself. These seeds produced by these self-pollinated females only contain DNA from the mother, and will grow female, like the mother.

Feminized seeds will grow into female cannabis plants.

All this gender-bending and self-polinization takes its toll. In order to create feminized seeds, breeders select plants from lines that are prone to expressing hermaphroditic traits, which can appear in their offspring. So, while you won’t need to sacrifice half your plants if you grow feminized seeds, you may end up with a hermaphroditic plant that can fertilize and destroy your whole crop if you don’t remove it from your tent or garden.


We’ll leave you with one last advantage to consider. Autoflowering plants grow shorter than other varieties. Instead of a tree, they often resemble a bush. This makes them perfect for those with limited space who value discretion. A one meter tall Fast Buds’ Blue Dream’Matic is much easier to tend to in secret than its two-meter tall regular or feminized cousins.

Regardless of your situation, we hope this guide helps you choose the right seed for your tent or garden. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive a 20% discount on your first order, and stay up to date on the latest deals from Fast Buds: American Autoflowers.

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Seeds that look like Cannabis seeds?

Does anyone know of any other seeds that look similar to cannabis seeds?

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Well-Known Member

I don’t know the answer but I am now curious what seeds are a perfect resemblance.

Be nice to have some non-marijuana seeds laying around just in case someone is poking around.

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Does anyone know of any other seeds that look similar to cannabis seeds?

Hemp seeds, they are for production use. Very cheap and are the real thing. Can be mailed to your doorstep and actually will grow flowers.
It would produce dirty mexican brown brown though.

I do not condone gettin folks, but if you do, send me 20% via the paypal. Haha


its not to rip people off guys and gals. Its to disguise them jeesh. I am being honest hear, although there is no real way for you to realize that by me just typing it to you all.

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lol, thanks for the idea pappa bear but I dont need help in disguising the seeds in normal objects, I need help with disguising the seeds among other seeds. So once again does anyone know any seeds that resemble the appearance of mj seeds?

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Sending you a PM (and to KuLong) – just keeping it on the down low since it’s good for discrete shipping.


Sending you a PM (and to KuLong) – just keeping it on the down low since it’s good for discrete shipping.

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Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I’ve grown seeds which I’ve obtained from amsterdam but now my plants are out and would like to try n order from the U.S. any suggestions?

Christopher Declan

Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I’ve grown seeds which I’ve obtained from amsterdam but now my plants are out and would like to try n order from the U.S. any suggestions?

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Lupin, brother. Lupin looks almost identical. I love both plants and it’s hard to tell the difference seed wise. I don’t know why people have to be so literal on here.

70’s natureboy
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Lupin, brother. Lupin looks almost identical. I love both plants and it’s hard to tell the difference seed wise. I don’t know why people have to be so literal on here.

I have been wondering about that for years. The squirrels filled my car with pot seed look -alikes one year and I couldn’t figure out where they got so many. They must have been lupins. I planted some on my dogs grave but nothing grew.

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Lupinus, commonly known as lupin or lupine seeds while similar in appearance are easily identified as not being cannabis.

Recognize quality marijuana seeds

Marijuana is best known for its effects on people when they smoke it. So, where does this high effect come from?

How do you ensure that the quality of your marijuana is as good as it could be? It all starts by choosing the right seeds. The right seeds are mature cannabis seeds.

Understand how to recognize quality marijuana seeds before you can grow the best marijuana. High-quality cannabis starts with good genetics.

Begin your grow with healthy, mature cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank.

When you have a particularly good strain or good season of marijuana growth, you will most likely want to store seeds for that particular type of cannabis, its “parent plant,” so you can experience the same sort of success later on.

In this article, we will cover the basics of selecting the right seeds.

About quality marijuana seeds

How to grow the best weed

To grow the best weed, you need to know what determines the best seeds, why genetics make certain weed plants better than others, and how to choose the best seeds.

THC, a term that usually refers to Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, is the ingredient in marijuana that is the primary contributor to the high feeling smokers experience.

This is a bit misleading for two reasons.

First, some types of THC are not Delta-9, such as Delta-8. Second, THC is not the only chemical that is responsible for a high.

Other compounds contribute to the feeling – these chemicals are called cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids include every different variation of THC, and they make up the psychoactive ingredients that lead to the feeling of being high.

The tricky thing about marijuana is that no one can really define the right combination to achieve the best or greatest high.

Even scientists are unable to figure out what combination of cannabinoids makes the most potent combination.

This is partly because the feeling of “high” experienced from marijuana cannot be measured externally – it can only be described by the person experiencing it.

This makes any evidence about correlations between different combinations of chemicals and types or strength of highs very subjective.

Buy quality marijuana seeds

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The experience is also different for each person, even if they take the same amount of the same plant as someone else.

Any mix of emotions (usually euphoria, elation, paranoia, sleepiness, or clarity of thought) can be felt by different people, even if they consume the same amount and type of weed.

The best weed comes from the best genes

While there is still a large amount of variation from seed to seed, even within the same strain, a lot depends on the environment in which it is grown and the care you have when raising your plants.

Growing your own weed is an extremely gratifying experience. It will take a bit of trial and error, and you will have to overcome some inevitable failures, but it will be even more rewarding when you finally succeed.

Download our free marijuana Grow Bible and grow with confidence.

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The source always matters

You can source your seeds from:

  • A bag of weed
  • A seasoned grower
  • A seedbank

The first step for most new growers is to extract seeds from large commercially purchased bags of cannabis.

This is likely the easiest way to get seeds but take caution— that cannabis has already been heavily processed and packaged.

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Huge quantities of bud are dried and cured together en masse and then snipped and stuffed into big vacuum-sealed bags.

Unless you are already directly familiar with the mature plants your seeds or clones came from, growing marijuana is unavoidably unpredictable.

This is why it is especially important to seed or clone your best quality plant since that will make you able to guarantee the quality of the next crop.

Knowledge of the source is also why experienced growers have better outcomes with their harvest.

They often choose their best cannabis plants out of a single strain, and use those seeds for the following season’s harvest. Now, they have a better understanding of the plant their seeds came from and can also improve their care of the same type of plant.

Aren’t seeds a bad thing?

All cannabis cultivation comes down to your goals as a grower. Want a bountiful harvest? You’ll want to grow the best weed by breeding perfection using seeds. Skip ahead to learn why.

“Nope, I want to smoke,” then you need to grow plants that produce fewer seeds. You need feminized seeds.

“Sinsemilla” is a Spanish word that translates to “without seed.”

It describes female cannabis plants that grow into maturity without fertilization from male pollen. Growing sinsemilla marijuana outside is almost impossible since your female plants could be pollinated from the male plants up to a mile away!

So why do you want to avoid pollinating your female marijuana plants? Pollination means that the plants will use their precious energy to create seeds instead of flowers.

This is due to natural selection. Since a plant that produces more seeds is more likely to reproduce, a female marijuana plant will prioritize making seeds if fertilized.

Although this is an advantageous feature for marijuana’s survival, it is not exactly what smokers look for in a weed plant.

Sinsemilla marijuana, having never been pollinated, usually produces a more resinous bud since there are no seeds to take over the valuable flowering area.

Producing seeds isn’t all bad for the smoker, however. If one crop is particularly delicious or potent, it is vital to let those plants produce some seeds.

Store these seeds correctly and label them accurately to make informed decisions about which seeds produced the best crop and which ones are better to avoid.

You can then use seeds that produce tall plants or strong, sweet buds for a future growing season.

When you find a plant that you want to preserve seeds for, make sure to treat those seeds with extra special care, as they are your best bet for harvesting the best product.

Why you should grow weed from seeds

Some people are intimidated by growing marijuana from seeds. At first, the results may not be as big as you had planned for – this is normal, and you will continue to get better with time and experience.

To reach the highest possible yield of cannabis, you must study and practice, especially if you haven’t done anything so much as growing potted house plants or flowers on your window sill.

Just keep at it, and within a few growing seasons, you will be an expert.

Although research and preparation make a big difference, they can only go so far without actual hands-on experience.

As you learn and develop your skills, trying clones may be tempting rather than learning by trial and error with seeds. Careful, though.

Different strains and plants will grow, mature, and flower at different rates. Growing one Sativa might be completely different than growing a different strain of Sativa.

Plus, you never know what you may end up growing. When growing from clones from another grower, your clone might inherit any issues they had while growing it.

Buying marijuana seeds from a seed bank

Buying seeds from a seed bank gives you a better idea of what to expect in terms of the quality, yields, look, and time it will take to bloom.

Plus, you’re starting fresh with new seeds, which lowers the risk of diseases or pests in your plants. Learn more about why growing from seeds produces the best weed.

When you grow from seeds you have certainty. Whenever you see your stash of weed in the freezer, you will feel proud.

Whenever you smoke your marijuana, you can feel safe and satisfied because you know exactly what you are putting into your body and where it came from.

Where to find the best quality seeds

Quality marijuana seeds mean quality genes. Better genes better your chances of growing a healthy harvest.

Online seed banks offer a wide selection of quality marijuana seeds, and reputable seed banks make it easier to purchase good seeds.

Your seeds should come from seedbanks because the ones that sneak into dried marijuana flowers are rarely usable – mostly because they never reach full maturity before being harvested.

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